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One Flesh is a seven month marriage discipleship program, designed to show couples how to have a vibrant, joyful and fulfilling marriage in all circumstances by turning to God and being doers of the Word. Find new ways to communicate, have fun, dream, and date each other on a consistent basis. Some topics include communication, family & parenting, forgiveness, and finances.

We will meet two times each month, at our home in Fulshear 
-one time to study biblical principles
-and a second time to walk that out with a social marriage building activity.

We want couples to experience the abundant life Jesus has for them!

  • 7 Months
  • Limited number of couples
  • Maximum 2 absences
  • Light homework assignment each week
  • Small fee (per couple)

To sign up husbands need to speak to Ryan to receive an application.

For any questions and more information, you may contact Ryan or Christy Pieszchala.