Elizabeth is a missionary who has been serving in Belize with a focus on children’s ministry and leadership development within various areas of ministry. After serving and partnering with a local children’s home and seeing girls “age out” with no tools or stability for adulthood, a dream was placed into her heart — to create a safe place for young women to be equipped and empowered to walk in wholeness.

The mission and vision of Yasha Home is to provide a safe place for displaced young ladies from Belize who are at a crossroad in life. Having already been taken away from their family, it is no easy decision to do what is best for them and their future as they are aging out of government care. Yasha in Hebrew means, “safe, free, delivered, bring salvation, get victory” — and that is the vision of the home; creating a safe place for young women to be empowered. The home is a 2–3 year faith based discipleship program that gives those aging out of government care the tools to be whole and successful independent adults.

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