It is the very heart and vision behind our ministry. Life Kids are not just the church of tomorrow but the church of TODAY. Oftentimes children can get pushed aside in a class while the parents go to “big church” but here at Life Church we believe the Lord desires for His children of ALL ages to be used in the body. Thus, every Sunday the children attend and engage in worship prior to being released to Life Kids. Why is this necessary?- For the freedom of the Holy Spirit to speak to each child individually and for them to see what it looks like for godly men and women  to worship God.

Every first Sunday of each month Life Church has “Family Day” which the children sit with their family during all the service instead of being dismissed after worship.  Not only do the children get to function with the church as one but they get to witness the power of the spoken Word in their family and congregation’s life.

A typical morning in Life Kids usually last about 45 minutes after the children are dismissed from worship into the Life room. The children are checked in along and at the end each child’s parent are required to sign that child out. Life Kids will not let the child leave unless picked up by a parent or an approved family member/person on the sign out paper. Not only do the children learn how to apply what is taught each lesson, but they are given the ability to step out in the giftings God has given each child.

This generation needs godly men and women who genuinely care about their destiny and what God thinks about them.  An intensive background check and training is required to volunteer to serve. Life Church believes in the children to be lovers of Jesus, worshippers of God, and children that can make a difference in their family, schools, and community.

Little kids can learn the principles of the Bible and the realness of our God, too. Life Kids Jr. ministers to 4 year olds through Kindergarten. Our teachers minister in a hands-on approach to form our wiggle worms into God’s army!!

An intensive background check and training is required to volunteer to serve.

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