Jesus First

In order to “Lead others to Jesus” and “Instill a love for God”, Jesus must be first in our lives. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one God and placing Him first in everything allows each aspect of our life to be in line with Him. We value encouraging each person to put “Jesus First.”

Church between Sundays

This is our way of saying we want to live life together all throughout the week, not only at our Coummunity Life, Life Studies and Home gatherings, but to truly live life together. When we move from interacting to living life together we have fellowship as family.

Intentional Transparency

Part of fellowship as family is to be open with our lives. This includes sharing our hopes and dreams, our fears and hurts and confessing our sin. It takes a risk and an open heart that is willing to be held accountable to another believer as we take time to build trust. This kind of fellowship does not happen naturally because we like to hide, so we must be intentional about ‘turning ourselves in’ to the Lord and each other.

Multiply Yourself

As we share the good news of Christ with our circle of influence, we pour into others what has been poured into us.  We are to be the hands and feet (the body of Christ) to those around us. As people watch our lives and followers of Jesus, they learn to ‘imitate Christ”. This is the foundation of making disciples. The word of God says that the church should be equipped for the work of the ministry. Jesus says we are to ‘GO’.  “Going’ can mean a lot of things including going to your neighbors nearby or the nations far off. Our heart is to equip, help fan the flame and call of the Lord, and to send. For some that will mean building the Kingdom of God right here in our body and for others that means going to the remotest part of the earth.

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